People are the foundation for our business development. We understand the productivity of employees is a crucial factor for the sustainable growth of our organization. This is why we constantly strive to motivate our employees to embrace their values and create opportunities for them to grow and develop. We recognize that our success is greatly contingent on having the right employees, at the right time for the right job. This helps each individual to make the most of their capacity, experience, and skills at work.

We held a charity program at the orphanage center - Phuc Lam Shelter and the Red Cross in the Long Thanh district to give practical items in daily activities for orphans and disadvantaged households including:
• 800 sets of pillows and mattresses              • 310 plastic bowls                                       • 800 plastic baskets

3-In-1 materials donation

Company activity

Green Outing

Every year, we organize "ELITE GREEN OUTING" trip with the message "SAVE ENVIRONMENT, SAVE OUR LIVES”. Along with the slogan "As One " and “We Are Eliterrific”, we have promoted solidarity among all employees.

Vaccination campaign

During covid-19, the employee's health and safeness are our top priority. We collaborate with the government to distribute the vaccines for our employees. We are on-going performing our vaccine projects to let everyone is fully vaccinated.

Relief boxes campaign

In Aug-Oct, 2021. We supported our employees during the Covid-19 lockdown at 10 locations with 2,100 relief boxes including essential items: Noodles, vitamin tubes, cooking oil, fish sauce, and raincoat,...

In Nov 2020, we corporated with Cho Ray hospital to organize the blood donation program.Our 300 employees
contributed 145 units of blood.

Blood donation event

In Nov 2020, we reconstructed all 70 roofs damaged or swept away by floods and storms and 2400 meters of corrugated iron roofing for residents in Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province. Additionally, we raised VND 106 million to assist the victims of the floods. We also gave 106 sets of medical products and health exam packages. It's our efforts to help them get through that tough time.

Support central Viet Nam


This is a workplace where employees' passion and dedication are continuously appreciated to overcome challenges and create greater achievements. By creating a cooperative workplace that encourages people to develop and recognize their excellent impact, our employees constantly feel proud to work in a creative, professional environment with excellent and supportive colleagues. Value and respect are the crucial character that we strive to develop every day.

Every year, we hold a variety of meaningful activities to foster a strong bond among employees. This allows us to connect with our people more deeply.

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