Our story began in the early 70s in the developing textile and garment industry of Singapore, where two founding partners honed their skills by importing yarns to knit into fabrics and sew into garments to supply the department stores of North America.  In 1978, recognising earnestness and sincerity from one of the world’s biggest sporting goods Brand founders, they pooled funds to dedicate eight production lines for the brand’s new apparel line. With this,Tung Mung International Pte Ltd was born in Singapore. In the following decade, TMI Singapore expanded its portfolio to include 2 of the world’s biggest sportswear brands and with that, supported the demands growth of our customers with the expansion of manufacturing plants into various parts of Asia.  With the continued expansion of the business and customer’s requirements, TMI started to co-developing fabrics with Taiwanese firms which were dedicated to an up-and-coming Brands located in the USA. This was hugely successful and many of the innovations work in the materials help the success of the Brands and also changed the consumer's view.  With the continued expansion of the business, TMI spun off to Elite to allow a more dedicated manufacturing and operations arm to better service their current and future business The continuation of Elite's garment manufacturing is not only a part of the 70's story but also a DNA that has been passed down by our ancestors who started their journey also in the Textile industry.

Create, build and deliver world-class products. Provide the best-in-class service to our customers. Inspire and implement end-to-end world-class innovation by creating best supply chain company in the world.

To be the best and most innovative garment manufacturer in the world.