TMI Group


Always Think One Step Ahead!

Industry 4.0

Data has become an essential part of our daily work and more recently, TMI Group has been using data as our daily management and decision making. We have made a lot of changes in our data capability when we first introduced Industry 4.0 4 years ago. Projects include System Integration, Automation, Digitalization, Big Data, Dashboard, and Application. We will continue to drive the Industry 4.0 mindset to become the most innovative garment factory.

Future of Manufacturing

TMI Group always relating to the excellence in manufacturing, about how we can adapt and change to a new and better of manufacturing with the impact from digitalization, people mindset changes, and newer and better technologies or machines. We have not only focused on automation, but also have developed Kaizen, Lean manufacturing, 3D printing…..etc. Through practical innovation, TMI Group aspires to become a world-class factory and next-generation manufacturing.


TMI Group is committed to accelerating and stabilizing the growth of our business by optimizing our products. The use of Product type Consolidation, Product Marketing, Product Standardization, advancing Product Innovation that substantially increases the efficiency and quality of our products and value-add services to meet the diverse and complex expectations of our clients.

A fully functional facility allows the business to build partnerships, knowledge, logistics, and speed necessary to satisfy the shortest possible lead times. Due to constant innovation and social awareness, TMI Group is the best choice for customers and the best supplier for top brands.

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