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Life in TMI

At TMI, we are proud of our 11 unique cultures, including Empowerment, Initiate, Engage, Responsibility, Focus, Collaborate, Leadership, Trust, Respect, Interact, Integrity. These cultures drives our company to be better every day.

Our employees are the core of our business. The achievements of TMI are due to our employees dedication. Our employees receive social insurance benefits under the law: annual bonus, annual leave, pension contributions, medical leave benefits, and promotion. Every TMI factory has a health and a safety department to ensure our employees work in a safe environment.

Work-life balance is also a priority to us. Each year, we have many meaningful activities for our employees. TMI is not only an excellent place to work, but it is also a place where employees feel like a second home. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe, engaged, inspired, and productive.

Working Environment

TMI is a wonderful place to start your career and we provide you with an environment to do your best every day. Here at TMI, a global company, you will have a chance to work with brilliant people who help you to grow and become a better person. You will also work with innovative technologies that you will get new skills and knowledge.

We encourage our employees to learn, take on challenges, and strive for excellence in everything they do. We believe that every employee brings a unique set of skills and ideas to work. To achieve this, we also provide opportunities for our employees to maximize their potential.

We believe that training and development programs enable employees to sharpen their skills. Our employees are excellent for their initiate and creativity. They always strive to overcome obstacles and contribute to further company growth. As an company that values its people, we constantly look for innovative and proactive ways to motivate our employees to find new ways to succeed and provide a platform to celebrate their achievements.

Future of Work

The skills, knowledge and capabilities of our employee are central to our success. That’s why we’re fully committed to developing a continuous learning to empower our employees to become their best self both at work and in their personal lives.

As a member of TMI, you will receive a personalized development plan tailored to your individual goals and needs when you join us. In addition, we also provide a powerful combination of technical training, coaching, and mentoring. Through this process, our employees get the necessary expertise and skills to overcome the challenges of their work. Your business knowledge will be expanded and you will receive additional support, whenever and wherever you need it.

We have attracted the best talent from all levels. It’s a place where you can be yourself at work and be proud of what you do.

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